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Pirelli Diablo Superbike PRO Motorcycle Tires review

Pirelli Diablo Superbike PRO

Pirelli – the name is synonymous with quality, performance and traction – every racer, in any discipline – be it two, four or more wheels – in any part of the world knows who they are and what they produce. The Italian company is also the only tire provider you will see being used in the FIM World Superbike and British Superbike Championship competition. From such a company, one would expect them to know a thing or two about racing and the tires one needs to do it well – and to win. The new Pirelli Superbike PRO racing slick comes directly from this experience, but it is also designed for the real world in which most of us live and ride.

Pirelli built the Diablo Superbike PRO for the track day junkie or seriously dedicated racer who doesn’t wish to spend money on a new set of buns after every day (or race) on the circuit. This tire is not for the streets as it is not DOT approved nor treaded – it is a race slick. The new PRO compound is said to remain consistent throughout the life of the tire, so your bike is predictable from your first run to the last of the weekend. Constructed with zero-degree steel belts for stability and a well-tuned contact patch at all lean angles, the Diablo Superbike PRO is built exclusively for outright and overall performance. The target demographic for the PRO, according to Pirelli, are the budget-minded endurance racer, which is all of them in these times, and the track day fanatic who has the money for the time but wants more by using a tire which lasts longer than a single day.

Running the Pirelli Diablo Superbike PRO slick is made simpler and a bit safer due to the tire’s ability to heat up rather quickly. It is amazingly stable at high speed, holds it lines in the corners, feels planted at any lean angle, follows steering inputs telepathically, and will handle serious, bike-down-in-front-of-you, emergency-style braking with aplomb. However, the tire’s long-lasting surface does sacrifice a bit of grip. It is a phenomenal shoe for running hot laps at your local track, but it is not what you would use lining up for a World Superbike race. Should you get a chance to run as a wild-card in a World Endurance race, though, the Pirelli Superbike PRO is the tire you would use for practice. When you and your bike come to the end of your day, you will also find that the PRO still has plenty left for another day of abuse.

If you are an amateur racer competing in club level events and lack the cash to get new tires on a regular basis, Pirelli has built the tire for you – the Diablo Superbike PRO. Being track-only, there is only one size available for the front and two for the back end. Suggested retail for a set of these slicks is around US$395, but you may find them for less.

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